In Honor of Mothers Day….

In honor of Mothers Day 2016 I celebrate my son, Mr. Ian “Joshua”. It is because of him that I have been blessed to experience Motherhood. Joshua is one of the most humbled, God-fearing man I have ever known. 

His very existence was prophesied while he was in my womb and our Abba Father has faithfully guided him down the path that brings glory to Jesus.

Neither of us allowed the horrible act that led to his conception to define us. The Word of God has defined and refined us as we pursue God’s righteousness, without compromise. 

I don’t have a story of Joshua being a terrible two, or rebellious teenager or disrespectful. In the midst of his growing pains, he has always loved, respected and honored his Mom and all other adults and peers.  Not only in my presence, but more so out of my presence. I am so thankful to the Grace of God. 

Joshua is so talented:

He is a great Father and an AMAZING husband to the most wonderful God-fearing daughter-in-law I could have ever prayed for:

Joshua has traveled the world and absolutely love missions and God’s people:

Our journey over the past 31 years has not always been easy, but I would not trade it for anything because it has drawn us closer to our Lord Jesus.

Today I honor Ian “Joshua”….. The music producer, writer, spoken word artist, musician, missionary, preacher, college graduate, world traveler, mentor, coffee guru, entrepreneur, lover of souls and MOST important….Man Of God, Husband, Father and son. 

May the journey continue…..Amen!


2 thoughts on “In Honor of Mothers Day….”

  1. What a wonderful tribute to your awesome son. He would never be the man he is today without a Godly, amazing, loving, generous mother like you. Happy Mother’s Day, Sherry. Keep on being the beautiful role model that you are.
    God bless you both and Tiffany and Mary too. Our love, blessings and prayers, Mom Judy and Papa John

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