Journey of Self-Examination 

It’s been a while since I have blogged. This has been a whirlwind of a year. I thank God for this Biblical new year of 5777. It’s going to be a catalytic year for the People of God. May we all keep our eyes upon our Heavenly Father. It’s a season of massive change and shaking throughout the world.

My journey this year has been a season of shaking, change and I am growing by the grace of God. I have lost many family and friends to death, and the reality of life being a vapor is so real to me right now. I wake up each day praying that my heart would focus on what is important to Abba. 

I am constantly examining my own heart. I sincerely want to please my Jesus. I had the honor of visiting my spiritual Father in South Africa in September,  and he taught me that “success is obedience to God”. 

I am an American citizen and was raised to chase the American dream, which I believe is the American nightmare as a follower of Jesus. In the end all I get is God, therefore, I must live my life from an eternal perspective. 

What goes on here in the earth realm is only temporary. Its a season to fight for our shalom, because what this world has to offer will cause us to compromise our peace, our values and the heart of our Lord.

I am turning 53 years old on Nov 15 and I am excited to see what God has in store for me in this next year. I will be seeking the face of God like never before. And keeping my atmosphere and inner circle drama free. 

I keep hearing in my spirit “righteousness and holiness”, and it excites me because I know it’s Holy Spirit preparing my heart to walk closer with my Lord Jesus.

My we learn to enjoy the journey of life and love the Creator of life.


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