Fifty-Three Years

Yesterday I was blessed by my Lord Jesus to enter my 3rd year of my Jubilee Journey. I realize for many it’s been a blast to grow older, but for me it has been a struggle. I have so many more dreams to accomplish that it seems like I need an extra 50 more years of pure youthfulness. 

I was hoping to be able to say that I have completely overcome anxiety disorders, PTSD, and other issues associated with sexual trauma. But I haven’t; not yet. 

What Holy Spirit has been teaching me is that it’s when I am weak, that I am truly strong. I ABSOLUTELY MUST depend on the grace and strength of my LORD JESUS for every breath that I take.

I am no longer living in shame, but I have a burning desire to help children, young adults and families globally. 

James 1:27 is engraved upon my heart and it’s the reason I get up each morning and PRESS, PUSH & PURSUE. 

Many days I don’t make it beyond my front door, but I still know that my Abba is with me even then.

I get to go into my war room and cry out in prayer as Holy Spirit leads me. It is in that place that I am strengthen, healed and loved. 

Wow! I remember when that number seem ancient, but it’s my present. It’s my blessing from my beloved Abba. Thank You Jesus!

Many say “I am young and my life has just begun”; I hear them loud and clear, and one day I will know that truth in my heart. Until then I will Press, Push & Pursue.

I will seek out the widow, orphans, homeless, hurting, hopeless, etc., and I will give them what God gave me, LIGHT , HOPE AND LOVE. 

Healing does not always look the way we want it to look, but it will always depend on the will of our LORD. His ways are perfect.

I am so humbled and honored to know children in need, teens who cut themselves, hurting women, PTSD sufferers, etc.,….I don’t know any perfect people. The truth is, perfect people would make me nervous.

But the beloved ones who NEED Jesus and may not know Him, those are the amazing people I am honored to meet. 

I can relate so much and Father wired me this way, so that I could be His servant to reach out and communicate His love in the midst of such complicated situations. 

I think the reason that our store, Thrift2Gift, is my happy place is because so many wonderful people walk thru the doors daily. And we get to love on them. We get to live out our “ugly beautiful” without shame. No mask. No pretense. Just pure freedom and tons of laughter. 

Thank You Lord for 53. Thank You for Mercy. Thank You for Life. Thank You for more amazing people to meet. James 1:27 or bust!

Aging Fearlessly,

EseosaRain Fire 


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