My jubilee journey continues….it’s 2017 and I am 50 + 3 = NEW 33.  

Life is good cause GOD IS GOOD. I think I have finally embraced my silly, weird yet kind self. 

I can actually admit that I am wired differently than most humans and I see why God had to create me the way that I am. It’s totally groovy cool now. Thank you Abba.

The road leading up to 2017 (Biblically 5777) has been tough, but so necessary. I have shared more tears than seem possible and still have a few left. But out of every valley I climb out of, I find myself becoming sillier (hope it’s a word…..if not, it is now).  

Life is way too short for unnecessary drama, compromise, being broke, lying, being immature…..I could go on but you get it.

We need to work hard at humbling ourselves and allowing life to transform us into the beautiful, wonderful, crazy groovy creatures God created us to be. Yes we are ALL different, yet all wonderful. 

There is so much hatred and division right now throughout the universe. And I believe the solution is this: what if every human being woke up tomorrow and decided to BE SILLY. BE KIND. BE WEIRD. 

It would be AMAZING! I am smiling so hard right now because I can envision this phenomenon. 😃😂🤣

I amaze myself sometimes. 

NOTE TO SELF: None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself and others like an afterthought. Walk in the sunshine, jump in the ocean, say the truth. BE SILLY, BE KIND & BE WEIRD. There is no time for anything else. Nanea Hoffman 

Peace Out!


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