My jubilee journey continues and I am learning, growing and settling. The way I see life has evolved over the past three years. My LORD Jesus is more tangible than ever; I see Him in so many things and situations now. 

Someone asked me the other day “do I ever become afraid when traveling to foreign Nations that speak a different language?”  And my answer was “no”. It could be because I’ve traveled to and lived in foreign Nations since I was 19 year old. I’ve grown comfortable being in midst of languages and conversations where I don’t comprehend one word…lol. 

I love it because I can focus on hearing the voice of God for what He needs me to hear at that time. For example, I am presently sitting in a coffee shop where everyone speaks English; it’s loud and conversations vary. But I don’t focus as well cause I hear and understand their words. I find myself distracted and listening.

It makes me long for a journey to another Nation. Fortunely, I will be in Israel in two weeks and I get t hear Hebrew, the language of my Saviour. I know Holy Spirit will translate for me….😇. 

Years are passing, time moves on, I find myself longing for more conversations and more languages. I want to hear what else is out there beyond my Nation. I want to admire and love even more the beauty of this amazing world. So my journey continues…..CONVERSATIONS, AIRPLANES, LANGUAGES AND AMAZING BEAUTY. 


Eseosa Rain 


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