My Barber

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been thinking about individuals who’ve played a major role in my transformational Jubilee Journey. I thought it would be a great idea to highlight a few over the next couple months. I want to start this initial blog off with hightlighting my Barber, Vince H., owner of Diamond Cutz Babershop in Garner, NC. 

In the year of 2009, while in South Africa on a missions trip, I took the bold leap of having my permed hair shaved off. It was part of a very important process. I was shaving tradition, self-hate, false identity, twisted self image and more. The process is ongoing. I needed to visually see the raw beautiful me when I looked in the mirror.

When I returned to the USA, it was imperative that I locate a Barber to maintain my fresh cut šŸ˜‰. Because of severe trauma I had endured at the hands of military men while serving, I did not think it was possible to enter a Barbershop where mostly men were serviced. And I did have many panic attacks and vomiting spells each time I entered a shop.

After about 3 months of looking around, my son suggested I go with him one early morning. It was literally at 5am and men were everywhere. I couldn’t even focus on the PTSD because I could not get  beyond the fact  that men actually got up so early for a haircut from this Barber named Vince. His operating hours began at 3am…! 

After the first cut I knew Vince was a God-send. Even though he was a Marine at the time (a Veteran now), he was very professional and understood what I needed in a Barber. My son and a friend took turns escorting me to the shop for over 3 years and eventually, Vince allowed me to have early Sunday appointments so that I did not have to suffer through the PTSD issues triggered by groups of men in loud environments. I grew to befriend and love the other Barbers, whom are absolutely wonderful young men. 

Who is Vince? He is first and foremost a dedicated Husband and Father; a Master Barber, a US Marine Veteran, a Visionary, Entrepreneur, Philospher and a Major Strategist. 

He has no idea how he has impacted the lives of his many customers, employees, co-workers, family and friends. He has tremendously impacted the life of my son and I. We admire and look up to Vince.

As a Visionary, Vince has the uncanny ability to see beyond what’s in front of him and see bigger and better. He does not settle for less. I have had the privilege to witness him articulate an idea and to manifest that idea from A to Z with keen focus. His faith is crazy good! 

He is a Strategist and strategizes with determination, yet extraordinary patience. It blows my mind how longanimous he can be once he sets a goal. God has definitely gifted him to be an example for other young men to glean from. 

My Barber is one of the reasons that I have been able to push past much adversity and physical suffering over the past few years, and launch some entrepreneurial dreams. Vince is a Mentor who genuinely cares about people and does what is best for all, even if a few may not agree. That’s a trait of a true leader.

In conclusion, I thank God for My Barber and I celebrate him and his amazing family in this Blog. 


Check him out at  * 919-773-8525 * 1350 5th Ave Garner, NC



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