His Name Is Wema!

He lay among many,  crying his little eyes out. We only had two pair of arms this morning and 15 crying babies….it was breakfast time. 

There was a screaming cry that stood out above the rest and it was Wema. It’s a Kenyan name meaning “God’s Goodness”.  Why Name this beautiful little 4 month old baby boy “Wema”?

I inquired about his unique blessed name and I did not expect to hear the story behind his name.  My chest started enlarging again (it happens a lot when I am on the mission field); it’s like someone suddenly punches me in my chest and I can’t catch my breath. My eyes well up with tears and my emotions go crazy.  I need to run but I can’t run. I have to face the reality for so many in 80% of this world.  As an American we tend to think the rest of the world live like us….not! 

Wema was found just a short walk up the road from the orphanage. He was wrapped in plastic bag and placed in sewer pipe. A local found him and contacted orphanage to fetch him quickly.  He was blue and cold, but had a slight heart beat. The staff held him and prayed, expecting him to at least die in someone arms and not alone. BUT Wema kept breathing. He remained cold and blue for over 10 days, BUT God’s Goodness kept him breathing. He started to get his color and breathe normally and feed well. 

Then he got pneumonia and had to be admitted to local hospital and remained there for one full month, not expecting to survive. BUT God’s Goodness prevailed. His name called him out of suffering into victory. 

God is good! Wema is a living testimony and will boldly declare God’s goodness to many many Nations. God in His mercy placed Wema among “House Mommies and Aunties” who pray above all things that they do. 

He will grow up seeing the glory of God and learning His word on daily basis. Most children with parents don’t receive that type of discipleship. No one can get the glory & praise for Wema’s survival…..only our Lord Jesus! 


Eseosa Rain 

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