Life Beyond 50 Can Be Amazing….Bucket List Living

Just when I thought I was too old and may as well give up on my “bucket list”. I mean, I have nothing to complain about…I have literally been around the world several times and seen cultures, people groups and nations that most will never see. God has blessed me tremendously , but when I turned 50 years old three years ago, I struggled. And it’s only this year that Holy Spirit is ministering to me daily and helping me to wake up again.  My body reminds me daily that I am not 20 years old anymore. My knees are hanging on by a thread, migraines are fierce, menopause symptoms are funny, insomnia is daily and talking to myself is non-stop.

BUT GOD! He released a hidden grace this weekend and I went “bucket list” full force. Knee brace, anxiety, racing heart and all!  

No I did not make it to the top….😉. But that’s ok with me. I was in Hell’s Gate along Rift Valley in Kenya Africa surrounded by wild animals totally trusting Abba. 

I always wanted to mount a Mountain Bike and ride it someplace special, where most will never go. Nope! My knee did not allow me to go far, but I met people from France, England, Africa and Germany; other brave beings like myself. 

Oh yeah! That’s 50 plus me! Having the time of my life. I learned so much about Abba, myself and Kenya. There is an actual path in a gourge where you can walk from Kenya to Isreal …’s never been done to anyone’s knowledge, but attempted. I was in The Rift Valley….yeah God!

The day gets better as my knees and other body parts scream out for mercy. I was taken to the largest Geothermal Spa where the warm waters are filled with rich natural minerals like sulphur and silica. Great for arthritis and fibromyalgia …..sounds like it was calling my name. OMG! The water felt great and left your skin feeling silky soft. 

I saw God’s creation up, close and personal. There is no way  I will ever go  to a zoo after this experience. 

All I can say is “Thank You Jesus!”  Life’s a beautiful journey and for some of us it takes 50 years to live life intentionally.

Living The Vapor Gracefully!

Eseosa Rain 


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