Laughter……The Universal Language

I absolutely love my Jubilee Journey! God continues to keep me in the midst of languages I do not understand, yet I feel the joy and love exuding from my foreign brethren. We laugh, love, hug, encourage and break bread together. 

Our cultures are vastly different but our love for Jesus bind our hearts together.  This week I am in Canada, but I am living with cousins who are from Zimbabwe and they speak their native tongue when communicating with one another.  And I’ve grown to be very comfortable not understanding what is being said. It’s so peaceful to me. 

When we are laughing together it’s understood that laughter is a universal language.  We understand one another and our relationships are strengthen. The cares of the world don’t matter when we all gather in a small space and simply enjoy each other’s company. 

My personal space use to matter to me, but not when I  am among foreigners. No matter where I find myself in this vast world, where there are a massive amount of people, the less personal space matters. It’s impossible to have personal space when there are a hundred individuals per block. 

My heart smiles when my words or accent does not make sense to my listeners.  Our non-verbals and smiles and touches of affection speak volumes. As written in a previous post, I am never distracted sitting among my foreign speaking family and friends. I can still function in my introvert world and enjoy them at the same time.

We get to learn so much about one another and grow in our differences.  It requires humility and an open heart.  Abba Father is walking me through this journey every step of the way.  So far this year my travels have been many and many more to go. Physically it’s tough but I’ve declared my life a “Bucket living” lifestyle. Meanwhile, focusing on The One Thing. The One Thing that matters most… relationship with Jesus and learning to trust Him more and more. 


Eseosa Rain 

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