When Your Best Efforts Are Not Enough

Many who know me or meet me for this first time are fascinated with my life story. They are aware of the physical issues I face daily; they know my love for missions and the places I've traveled, etc. BUT most don't get to see the pain, the disappointments, the nightmares, the panic attacks, the fears and the financial struggle that accompany my lifestyle.

As a passionate lover of Jesus and the James 1:27 lifestyle, I experience some very painful life lessons. And I'm learning daily with the help of Holy Spirit, how to navigate each lesson. Lessons I rather not learn, but I need to grow up…..right?

Some lessons I have learned and still learning right now as I write this BLOG are:

  • People in general love taking more than giving
  • Don't expect people to say "thank you" when you bless them
  • Don't expect sincere appreciation
  • You must know in your heart and soul and mind what GOD has graced you to do
  • A lot of people who say they love GOD will still take advantage of you when given the opportunity
  • It is IMPERATIVE NOT to EXPECT anything in return from folk; your reward comes from Abba Father
  • PRAY hourly!
  • Learn to love unconditionally and cry often
  • It's ok to acknowledge your pain BUT do it with Jesus
  • It may not feel like it BUT Love Conquers all
  • Pray unceasingly, cry often AND keep giving
  • Know that God's ways are not our ways
  • Embrace His grace for the journey
  • Know that life really is a Vapor!

In conclusion, if you are a giver and love to esteem others higher than yourself according to God's word…….pray for His amazing Grace daily. Don't allow ungrateful human beings to change the DNA of who you are. Our reward is truly from The LORD Himself.

In His Service,
Eseosa Rain

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