Miami, Art and Coffee

I am in the midst of one of my journeys of chasing my Abba, meeting new people, learning new cultures and living The Vapor.

I’ve landed in Miami, Florida; only two weeks after they were hit by Hurricane Irma. You can still see the damage inflicted by this massive natural disaster. BUT if you look little past the damage you will see so much more…..God’s beauty beyond the storm.

It wasn’t difficult to locate two loves of my life—ART AND COFFEE.

Where there is Art and Coffee, there will be many groovy cool people like myself 😉😎, hanging out and living this journey called life.

Miami is a cesspool of so many cultures, foods, shops, and things to do. Thank God that I don’t have to pay to stay in hotels, He has given me favor with people globally and I get to live among families wherever I travel. We simply love on each other and encourage one another to pursue the heart of God with much passion.

My “To Do” list will always include mission opportunities, prayer, COFFEE & ART. Somehow coffee and art help me to hear God more clearer….🙃😍😇.

He is ever present in midst of extraordinary creativity.

Our God created the earth out of nothing with a spoken word….wow! And He created you and I in His image, meaning we can create with our words. This revelation is blowing my mind right now.

It’s so much I desire to do globally to help change hearts and lives forever more. There is such a shift right now as we have entered the Hebrew year of 5778. Desires to please God above all is rising within our hearts. Can you feel it?

Trust Him to open doors and release opportunities to take you out of your comfort zones and to create in whatever median He has you. BE READY!

In His Vapor,

Eseosa Rain

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