50 AGAIN…Jubilee Continues

When the month of November suddenly landed itself into this year of 2017, I heard my Abba say “Eseosa live in the moment”. I love November because I was born in November and it’s normally cold in November. I love the cold weather.

Living in the moment is a challenging concept for me. I’ve spent the first half of my life rehearsing the past and fretting over the future. I’ve literally missed many amazing “right nows” of my life.

As I’ve witnessed many people suddenly die this past year, it has forced me to rethink everything about living this short life. Life is truly a Vapor!

I thank God that He has given me the grace to literally change how I eat, how I exercise and what I think about. The changing my eating habits (no more meat or sweets) came sort of easy for me. Exercising has always been a true love that got away, but now we are reunited. BUT changing my thought life by being mindful of what I think about, speak out loud over myself, what I dwell on and fret over…….well this has been a monster of a challenge.

I’ve had to cry out to Abba Father many, many, many times. He is slowly renewing my mind through His word so that I can live in the moment and enjoy the fullness of who He is.

When we live in the moment it brings our faith to the forefront of our lives. We realize that waiting until everything is right or feels right before we really LIVE, is just an illusion.

LIVING is right here right now! Right this very moment. I cannot change what has happened in my past. I will never see yesterday or last night again!

I do not control my future! So why am I wasting precious time by trying to alter, change or predict what’s next. Simply trust God to be God!

I must open my eyes, ears and heart to see what’s right in front of me this very moment. I bet many of you can relate. 🤗

Not only am I letting go of destructive thoughts, I am letting go of “life sucking” people. I have had my share of being used, abused, deceived, lied to and lied on. And I’ve remained all in the name of “my definition of love”. If a friendship/relationship is not adding LIFE to your LIFE, then it’s pulling LIFE out of your LIFE. It’s time to ask for strength from Daddy God and move on.

My mind is made up! I am living in the moment one minute at a time. May the Jubilee Journey continue…..


Eseosa Rain Fire

One thought on “50 AGAIN…Jubilee Continues”

  1. So proud of you Eseosa! Thankful to have been a part of your journey and see what Abba is doing. Go for it! It’s your time! Chosen Mercy


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