This is very difficult to do right now; I am writing this BLOG in midst of a pain level 15 with this complex migraine. Keep in mind that pain levels usually are on a 1 – 10 level scale.

I need to express this right now in the midst of a three day complex migraine attack. Why? Because people need to know that there are thousands of us out here in this universe suffering silently.

We don’t want to suffer with such a debilitating disease that suddenly shows up on the scene when you have amazing plans. It reminds me that my life is not my own, but in God’s hands. In the year 2015, I had two complex migraine attacks that triggered two “mini strokes” (TIAs). I learned quickly that my life is truly in the hands of my Abba Father and He has to heal me and sustain me.

Many know that I am a missionary who loves to live among the poorest in this world and experience love and simplicity like no other experiences in my life. I’ve had migraine attacks while on a 17 hour airplane flights on my way to a third world country….OMG! I can’t put it into words what is is like to be in that confined, noisy, nauseated situation…..EXCEPT to say “BUT GOD”.

I refuse to allow life to stop and miss out on my destiny in Him.

So many write BLOGS, post videos and do live postings and they only share their “perfect” life experiences. But we all know that there is no such thing as a perfect life.

I thank God for an amazing person named Tina Moore Brown @Tinemoorebrowninternational. She is a life coach that I follow and her influence has helped me to be free enough to expose the “ugly beautiful mess” in my life.

It does not “feel” beautiful when we are in midst of physical pain, hurt, rejection, betrayal, etc., but it really is working together with ALL things for our good. We must see GOD in it and press forward.

Yes….I can’t move right now and I want to cry, but to shed tears will hurt, so I don’t cry. I just lay here and shake all over, while waiting and talking to my Abba Father. HE IS STILL GOOD.

Yes, most migraine sufferers struggle with depression. It’s not that our life sucks or anything. It’s a chemical issue within the brain and God got that too. We don’t have the exact answers or solutions; and the Neurologists don’t have them either. Yet life goes on.

And so I sit, kneel, lie down, bang my head, and the list goes on. BUT THIS TO SHALL PASS.

Trusting Him Wholeheartedly,

Sherry Eseosa Rain

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