I woke up this morning in Kenya and it’s a beautiful day. It’s always beautiful in Kenya because whether rain or shine the people are up at dawn preparing to work hard for the next 12-16 hours. Their resilience is absolutely phenomenal to me.

I can hear sounds of sweeping brooms, water running, children laughing, morning greetings….so much life in midst of so much lack.

Lack in the sense of what Americans consider to be lack. But the truth is that — there is no lack here. How can I call what I witness day after day “lack”. God looks at our hearts, not our possessions or lack thereof. And my Kenyan families have hearts of courage, determination, hope, faith, unexplainable joy and hearts of fearlessness. They can overcome and survive situations that the average American would lose his/her mind,

This leads me to why I called this BLOG “The Extra Terrestrial”. When I turned on the TV this morning, the ET movie was on. Oh how it brought back memories. As I watched the last 10 minutes of it, I realized I was ET in Kenya. I’ve been trying to put language to my feelings of inadequacy while serving the beautiful people of Kenya.

I am ET. I am from another planet, yet my ancestors dwelled on this Continent. But as we all know, their lives were interrupted as a result of greed and hate. Thus I was born in America, with no clue to the foundational morals, values, traditions, lifestyle, languages, struggles, or the heartbeat of My African people.

Yes I look like them and most cannot tell the difference until I speak. My accent is foreign to them; almost alien like at times. Most Kenyans whom I encounter speak English, but my southern world traveler accent is difficult to comprehend. I feel like ET trying to communicate. Trying to understand their behaviors, beliefs,

When frustration sets in, I think of the day that my big space ship (aka Airplane) will fetch me and carry me back to planet USA, where all is easy compared to this beautiful planet.

Yet what I’ve learned that is most valuable in life, I’ve learned in Africa. I’ve learned the importance of relationships, loving people no matter their background or financial status, compassion, patience, extreme faith for basic necessities in life, perseverance, hard work, being thankful in all things, the joy of doing more with less, simplicity, and trusting the God I serve.

I have learned that my chocolate black skin is beautiful and that every creature God created is beautiful. The Kenyan life is a life of resilience. It’s a joy that I cannot explain because I’ve never seen anything like it. Yes I am ET here, but I am so very welcomed.

Thank you Kenya! I love to love with you!!

Nafula aka Eseosa Rain

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