I’ve never been so proud to be an American like I am at this point in my life. Yes I’ve served my country as a member of USAF and I love the uniform. But as I grow in wisdom and life experiences, I view things through a different lens now.

I encountered something a few weeks ago that really forced me to get quiet and think about who I am, the nation I was born into and how my life has been overall. I’ve traveled so much globally that I almost lost something vitally important.

A few weeks ago an individual from another Nation said things to me that were meant to make me ashamed of My American upbringing. I almost felt guilty for being who I am.

The words spoken could have easily caused me hate that I was born in this great nation. The statements made were meant to make me question and reject the “blessed” life God allowed me to grow up and enjoy.

And trust me, I don’t consider having material possessions as the definition of being blessed. Being blessed is so much more than a temporary item that will soon fade away.

I am proud to be born in a nation where I have choices and the freedom to make decisions to go, to do and to become.

I’ve traveled the world and seen what it means to live in an oppressive society where only a select few really have all the power to keep others in a poverty mindset and stuck in a cycle of continuous lack, suffering and pain.

Yes we complain as Americans about things we disagree with, and we are self-entitled brats at times. But the truth is we can be the dream that we dream about. Our dreams don’t have to remain inside of our minds. We don’t have to live each day expecting someone else to take care of us. We’ve been blessed to be a blessing.

All Americans have access to FREE quality education for 12 years and can go onto college if we really want to.

We can own homes, cars, computers, latest cell phone, buy coffee daily, dry clean our clothes, wash our clothes in a machine, wear shoes, eat daily, drink clean water, shop often, get free medical care, etc., and the list goes on and on and on.

Our nation has rules, laws and statues we should abide by. Are we perfect? NO!

We have rights and when those rights are taken away from us, we can freely scream “law suit”😉.

I love this country called the United States of America and all of its flaws.

I will never apologize for not having to struggle or hustle to pay $4 for a cup of coffee.

I will thank God that He made the decision for me to experience this nation as my first home.

And I will not allow anyone to bash America or its beautiful, spoiled, flawed and entitled citizens.

We are a sea of many people with many colors of skin……we are America! Truly the land of the free! Take it or leave it. Selah!


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