My Lil Lamb – My Grand-Daughter …Mary Hannah

One of the greatest things about my Jubilee journey is doing life with my amazing grand-daughter. This BLOG is all about her….My Lil Lamb.

I call her My Lil Lamb because of the spiritual name she gave herself when she was approximately 6 years old. She gave herself the spiritual nickname of “Mary Hannah”. She basically released an amazing prophecy over her life, and as she was growing up we made sure she knew the story of Mary (Mother of Jesus) and story of Hannah. These two names releases the destiny of God for her life whenever spoken out loud.

The name “Mary” is a transliteration of the Latin and Greek name Maria, which in turn is a transliteration of the Hebrew name Miriam. The name Miriam means Beloved.

The name Hannah means Grace, Mercy, Gift of the Lord.

One of the many prophetic words spoken over my Lil Lamb in her 15 years of life is “she is highly favored by God Himself and she will maintain physical purity until marriage; she has a pure heart; she will boldly lead her generation to value themselves and bring honor to their parents and God”.

The decor in her bedroom exemplifies who she is inside and out.

I am so humbled and honored to be her YoungMa. She is truly walking in the grace of the words spoken over her. At 15 years of age, she is a joy to be around. My Lil Lamb is dearly beloved by many because of her compassion, self-discipline, kind heart, respect for elders, her love for children and her drive to learn & excel. Mary Hannah is fearless and blessed!

She has been blessed with an amazing, God-fearing, bold and courageous Mom.

And even more amazing……my Lil Lamb has two terrific Fathers. Her biological Dad and her StepDad co-Father her together. Proving that blended family can work when everyone involve humble themselves and put needs of the children at forefront.

The unique, distinct and different personalities of her Fathers give her a plethora of values, morals, and wisdom to carry with her into adulthood.

I am proud to be Mary Hannah’s YoungMa. She makes me laugh and remember my youthful years. She is a renown athlete and super intelligent. I love her passion for Jesus and His word.

She has a desire to travel globally helping the orphans and widows. She is a abstract artist, musician, writer and avid animated movie lover.

In conclusion, it was ONLY ABBA’s love for me…for us…that He saw it necessary to make My Lil Lamb my only grand-daughter. It’s an honor to watch her grow into a young woman; a leader who is not moved by negative peer pressure and knows that she needs Holy Spirit everyday of her life.

I love you Lil Lamb!😘😘😍😍

Your YoungMa4Ever

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