My Reset 2017 Journey

The title of this blog is a little misleading, but I felt more people could relate if I used the 2017 year. However, my reset journey started October 2016, the beginning of Biblical New Year 5777. 

I am seriously considering doing live Facebook posts and YouTube videos that people can follow and see a visual of my drastic lifestyle change. I know I will have many lows and highs emotionally because I am already experiencing them physically & emotionally. 

It is definitely time to RESET spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. 

The year of 2016 (5776) was a year of wandering for me. No matter what I did, I felt unsettled in my spirit and heart. It caused me to cry out to God more and more. Physically my body carried the pain of what “to be unsettled” feels like. 

Holy Spirit has revealed so much to me in His word, through His vessels and in my dreams. It’s like WOW! I’ve had to repent often and cry out for His guidance every step of the way. 

My entire lifestyle must RESET and mirror Him. It’s difficult in America to make certain changes, but I know I can do it as long as I remain hidden in Christ Jesus.

I think the most difficult thing for me to do is to live off very little financially and eliminate ALL sugar from my diet. But after much self examination and facing truth, I need to do this to get my vessel where God wants it. He wants us whole. 

It’s going to take the grace and power of God to help me reset my mind because thoughts control everything. What we truly believe is what we do. 

Financially I want to give away 75% of what I receive each month; give to the poor. Why? Because I live to fulfill James 1:27. It’s a verse that causes my heart to flutter and I sense the presence of God each time I read it and meditate on it. ITS AMAZING! 

In the midst of this reset journey, my circle of influence will change drastically as well. I need to surround myself with individuals who chase GOD, not fame, more stuff and only care about their own bloodline. That mindset is so far from the heart of God. I must be willing to speak truth and walk in the peace of God, in spite of the resistance. 

I have learned that no matter what I do, someone has something negative to say. So I may as well PLEASE GOD 100%, because half doing it is not working for me. 

I would love for you to subscribe to this blog and follow me on FB, so that you can partake in this journey with me….join me if you can. Let’s unify and encourage one another. 

My FB page is @EseosaRain

Please keep praying for me and for our Nation.  Share this blog post.



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